Kendall & Kendall

Kendall and Kendall was formed in 2015 by brothers Joshua and Justin Kendall to solve clients web design and development needs.

We are a small two person company located in the rural town of Queenstown, Maryland. We focus on building websites, iPhone applications, and designing user interfaces for clients of all sizes.

UI Design

Once we've discussed a clients goals and received any branding and styleguides we start quickly sketching out thumbnails.

From those thumbnails we sketch out larger more detailed versions that give us a better idea of where individual elements belong. We then take those sketches and create one final sketch that incorporates any changes. That final sketch is turned into a complete digital design that we present to the clients.

If the clients approve of the design then we move on to the next phase of the project. If the client wants changes we discuss them, make any changes that were decided on, and then resubmit for approval. This back and forth approval process may occur several times depending on how any changes affect other elements and ideas.

Web Platforms

Our preferred platforms to work with when clients don't have the budget or need for a custom solution are BigCommerce and WordPress.

BigCommerce is a wonderful starting e-commerce platform with reasonable plan pricing. We are able to provide clients with either customization of an existing theme they have purchased, or we can create a completely unique theme just for them.

WordPress is a free publishing platform that can be tailored to fit many project types. WordPress projects do require a client to purchase hosting for their website but allows for far more customization beyond themes. With WordPress clients have a solid foundation where all of the basics are already done and features can be added on via plugins or custom programming. WordPress is used by major companies, government offices, celebrities, colleges, and more.

Custom Web Development

When a client needs something that can't be completed on one of the platforms we support, then we suggest a custom built solution.

All of our custom solutions are built using Ruby on Rails. Rails is a framework that allows us to quickly test solutions and create completely custom experiences for our clients. If you want to build the next AirBNB, Uber, or Rover this is where you start, you don't try to run the entire thing off of WordPress.

We take an iterative approach to building custom solutions, we start by identifying the most important features that are required for a project to run and focus on them first. Once the core of a project is done we can add on features as needed. This allows clients to launch projects quickly and not get lost in the features that only a small percentage of users will actually use or only enhance the experience.

iPhone Apps

We never stray from Apple's Swift language when it comes to iPhone apps. Xamarin, PhoneGap, and other alternatives are never considered because they add extra layers and time.

We take a similar approach to iPhone apps as we do custom website and web apps. We like to plan features for specific iterations and have them submitted and reviewed by Apple prior to scheduling a release date. This ensures delays in the review process don't effect release deadlines. We've seen reviews as quick as the same day and as long as two weeks after submission, we never know how long they are going to actually take until after they have been reviewed.

Business Inquiries

We request interested parties complete a short form so we can gather some general information.

Project Inquiry Form
General Inquiries

For general inquiries, emails can be sent to